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Islamabad, Pakistan​.

Mississauga, Canada.

London, UK

Islamabad, Pakistan​.

Mississauga, Canada.

London, UK

Islamabad, Pakistan​

Mississauga, Canada.

London, UK

Ingenious & Proficient Lawyers

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At Global Law Firm, we have a team of ingenious and proficient lawyers   dedicated to serve the clients by using their  wisdom and professionalism . Collectively, our highly skilled team of professionals utilize  their  experience to the dedicated  work of helping of  our international and indigenous clients. We are also offering our professional legal services to handle commercial contracts , litigation and mediation. Our lawyers are well versant in handling both dispute resolution and litigation matters. 

Over 25 Years of Diverse Experience
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Practice Areas

aviation Flight Delays, baggage lost or damage,on board injury or death claims.
Immigration & visit visa services , Students Counseling visa applications preparation.
family matters disputes solution via Mediation , negotiations, child custody adoption, court marriages.
Overseas Pakistanis Assistance like assets recoveries / land acquiring Services for overseas Pakistanis.
Criminal , Civil, Banking, cyber crimes, fIA & Fraud cases . Court Appearing.
preparation of all kinds of legal documents , MOU, LOI, Commercial Contracts, Lease agreements
ADR(Alternate Disputes Resolution )mediation for Disputed Properties out of Court Settlements .​

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Worldwide 40 countries experience

Out of court settlements

Working together with law enforcements

Multi Billions Dollars Recoveries

Our determination is our success

Preference to overseas Pakistanis issues managing with all housing societies in Pakistan.

Representation in all Government Departments

Competent defense Lawyers to contest specifically for lost or occupied properties & real estates cases


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Over 25 Years of Diverse Experience

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We provide legal services in Aviation, Civil, Criminal, & Family litigation including mediating ،Succession etc. We also deal in immigration students counselling, visas application preparation Companies Registration, Trademark & Copyright & filing of Returns etc. We Believe in providing of excellent Professional services with high class approach for your needs.

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