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Global Law Firm has been widely recognized for their humanitarian and compassionate pro Bono dealings. GLF are providing their Human Rights services as one of the best global human rights practices around the world. We represent individuals who have been victims of torture, rape , harassment human trafficking, forced and slave labor, child labor, sexual violence, and other violations of indigenous and international law.  Our matchless pro Bono services are our sole objectives to deliver justice to the deprived people. 

 In addition to obtaining significant successful approach for our clients, we often determine and set an important legal precedent on behalf of the victims of human rights abuses and our work has always been commended at all levels .We consistently work hard to provide our  services to set an  historical record. The Human Rights department at GLF has filed one of the first claim for force labour at “BHATHA MAZDOOR (Brick stone Factories forced Labour) under the prevailing constitution statute of Pakistan and has continue to focus on representing victims of human right violations and forced labor. Apart from our Pro Bono services, we at  GLF are determined to provide financial assistance to all our clients who are victimized but due to lake of funds we only can provide limited help.

 Our pro Bono services are always available for prisoners, their families, women detained with pregnancies in prison without any serious crime, Juvenile prisoners, victims of sexual harassment, victim of rape, pregnant women prisoner who gives birth to child in Jail during her detention.. In addition, we also represented, our pro Bono legal services , to those individuals who are detained by the authorities for minor crime but do not have funds to pay attorney fee.  Our lawyers at GLF present in a wide range of significant cases before the Supreme Court and the Courts of Appeals.

Our Human Rights practice department at GLF has been recognized repeatedly for its dedication to the public interest and for its high rate of success in instigation. Attorneys at GLF always bring a passion for justice in their representation of survivors and victims of human rights abuses. Members of this practice have their spent much of their careers in public service, including as in house counsels and have the privileges to work with the top notch human rights lawyers of the United state of America, like Mr.Peter Kadzik, Mr.Steve Firoun and Mr.Henry cashen all big names in the prominent law firms in United states like Dikston Shapiro, Washington DC, Condon & Forsyth New York United State.

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