Alcohol Related Deaths per Year, State & More 2023 Analysis

In the ‘90s, cause-specific mortality rose for Americans in midlife. By 1998, the U.S. fell below the life expectancy average of other rich countries. Then U.S. life expectancy increases ended in 2010 and started falling in 2014. Fatal overdoses account for an important share of this increase — they rose by almost 387% between 1999–2017. Deaths from alcoholic liver disease rose by around 41 percent, and suicides by around 38 percent. Hypertensive disease rates, for example, also rose — by about 79 percent.

alcohol related deaths vs other drugs

Unfortunately, alcohol use disorder is a difficult topic to discuss in America. Drinking remains widely accepted, and alcohol is easy to obtain. The widespread availability of alcohol, coupled with clever marketing, makes it nearly impossible to avoid. Consumers must constantly fight the temptation – not to mention the expectation – that they raise a glass. Using powerful new genotyping technologies, Dick and her colleagues can calculate a polygenic risk score that looks across a person’s genome to create what she calls an index of genetic liability. “We can start to predict who might be at greater risk,” she said.

What are the Differences Between Drugs and Alcohol?

We also offer DBT dialectical behavioral therapy for clients that endure symptoms from alcohol abuse and undiagnosed mental health disorders. Art therapy is a fun and therapeutic way to distract yourself and find your inner artist during your stay. Our professionals teach group courses and presentations to prepare you mentally for a life of abstinence. Learn up-to-date facts and statistics on alcohol consumption and its impact in the United States and globally.

After all, the casual cocaine user is not the one making billions for the cartels. In reality, about 50 percent of Americans don’t drink at all (would you have guessed the number was that high?!). Most of the 50 percent of Americans who do drink consume low to moderate, amounts of alcohol (less than 1 per day).

Alcohol Related Deaths by Age

Theoretically, then, the presence of Latinx immigrants in the border region may contribute to norms and practices supportive of healthy lifestyles and indirectly benefiting the larger population. Alongside the opioid overdose crisis, another hidden epidemic is quietly raging. Every year in the United States, more people die of alcohol vs drugs alcohol-related causes than from opioids and other drugs. Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, rates of excessive alcohol use were high and getting higher. The stress and isolation of the pandemic appear to have worsened harmful drinking, at least for some groups. Alcohol-related deaths increased more than 25% from 2019 to 2020.

  • (It’s already reported a 29.7% rise.) That brings us to the astronomically disheartening 93,331.
  • Total alcohol per capita consumption in 2016 among male and female drinkers worldwide was on average 19.4 litres of pure alcohol for males and 7.0 litres for females.
  • Alcohol consumption can have an impact not only on the incidence of diseases, injuries and other health conditions, but also on their outcomes and how these evolve over time.
  • The CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics delivered some provisional data that was equally bleak.
  • We also offer DBT dialectical behavioral therapy for clients that endure symptoms from alcohol abuse and undiagnosed mental health disorders.
  • “We’re seeing that rates of alcohol use, which were higher during the pandemic, are coming down,” said Kate B. Nooner, PhD, a professor of psychology at the University of North Carolina Wilmington who studies prevention and treatment of AUD in children exposed to trauma.

These conditions can kill drinkers slowly and over many years. Heavy drinking can weaken the heart and affect how oxygen and nutrients are delivered to certain organs in your body. Prolonged and excessive alcohol use can also interfere with brain function and structure.

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